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For a personal project, I recently started looking at pictorial photography: what it means, the why, the processes and procedures, etc.  I found a few books written in the day and started my reading this week.  In my reading this morning Paul Anderson was teaching me about lenses.  Even though there had been great improvement in lenses by this time, pictorial photographers liked to use one element lenses because they were not corrected and gave them a softer image.  I have used the little holga with its one element plastic lens.  Mr. Anderson tells me that the vignette comes from the fact that the lens is not corrected for the bending of the light rays through the lens, therefore some of the light takes longer to get through the lens, resulting in less light getting to the film in those areas.  And the softness comes from the dispersion of the light through the uncorrected lens.   As a little side note:  Pictorial photographers felt that we see with a soft vision, and that the very sharp images made with corrected lenses were not representative of natural vision.

~ by Annette Skewes on December 19, 2012.

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