Feb 2013014-edit

This is one of my film scans from a few months ago.  I have been struggling lately with my images. I just haven’t been feeling real comfortable with them. While trying to figure out the issue with my images, I started reading in some old books. One of the books I have been reading says that “elements do not make a picture until they have been arranged or composed.” It also suggests that “without composition there can be no picture, . . . the composition of pictorial units into a whole IS the picture.” (author H R Poore) I remember learning about this in school, but feel that this reading has given me a new perspective and appreciation of the idea. I have made images of some beautiful things recently, like the flower above; but they just haven’t worked for me.  I have decided to work through my composition textbook again and look forward to making images that are well composed and work.


~ by Annette Skewes on July 11, 2013.

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