Annette Skewes’ Photography

We had a large vegetable garden and a large flower garden where my father grew prize winning iris’ and gladioli.  I would spend hours studying the graceful plants as they stirred in the breeze, received visits from bees and butterflies, and glowed as the rays of the sun shown through their transparent leaves and petals. On vacations I found myself rambling along streams and through meadows exploring the water as it swirled in one direction and then the next, watching creatures scurry across rocks and logs, and drinking in the details of the world as the light caught the vegetation and the earth.  I picked up a camera, watched a wasp walk around the leaf of a large sunflower, and clicked the shutter as he cocked his head and looked directly at me.   I was hooked.  Now my camera is the tool I use to explore the world, to capture details, impressions, and feelings for my own enjoyment and to share.

~ by Annette Skewes on October 19, 2010.

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